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The best way to make initial contact is via email at: email address. The business phone number goes directly to voice mail and your message may get lost among the telemarketing pitches. For irrigation related questions please see Where to Get Answers to Specific Irrigation Questions.


Jess Stryker & Associates is a sole-proprietorship owned by Jess Stryker, located in Ventura, California, USA. (The “associates” are all long gone, but the name remains. It's just me, myself and I.) Jess Stryker & Associates owns and operates numerous websites. The following is way more information than you want to know about most of them. This website provides information on landscape irrigation for do-it-yourselfers and professionals. Content includes tutorials on many topics, as well as a few product reviews. is my flagship website. This website provides virtual photo tours of historic hotels. We typically include dozens of photos of each hotel. A website that didn't get much traffic until after I had become discouraged by it and moved on to other ideas. I have photos from numerous hotels that never got posted! One of the things I hadn't fully understood when I started it is that hotels constantly get remodeled and within 3-5 years the photos are outdated. The cost and time involved in traveling around to keep them up-to-date is substantial, and way beyond what the website generates from advertising. A small number of landscape related how-to articles. An idea that never got much further than procuring the URL. Yet another of my many unfinished projects resulting from a momentary flash of creative energy. Primarily photo-essays on various National Parks by Jess Stryker. At one time this was my design practice's website, with information for my clients. Now only this page about Jess Stryker & Associates still remains of that. There are also some miscellaneous articles I've written over the years that don't fit well on any of the other websites. The personal website for Jess & Julie Stryker. This website is an odd result of the early days of the Internet, when the email servers at became overloaded and I needed a second domain name! (Now the much better spam filters would prevent that from happening.) The personal stuff was just something to fill the space. It's stuff that would be on Facebook now!

Jess Stryker & Associates no longer provides landscape or irrigation design services to the general public. This allows us to focus on the websites, where more people can be reached with the information we are trying to distribute.

Sorry, I am not taking any new charity projects, I have a number of charities I already support with both landscape/irrigation designs and money. They absorb all the resources I am able to make available. Please do not put me in the uncomfortable position of having to tell you "no" to what I understand is a worthy organization. Thank you!

Jess Stryker's Resume

Jess Stryker is an irrigation consultant and landscape architect. Jess is registered/licensed to practice Landscape Architecture in California, Lic. #2743. Jess trained at Cal Poly, Pomona and has a BS degree in Agronomy, 1978 (at the time there was not an irrigation major available.) Jess Stryker & Associates was founded in 1980. Our completed and installed designs include parks, schools, golf courses, residences, restaurants, business parks, and shopping centers. Jess began writing a irrigation design tutorial around 1995. In 1997 the first version of that tutorial, and what would later become, was established online. More tutorials and articles followed, and then more websites were created as well. In 2009 Jess phased out the design practice portion of the business in order to focus on writing and operating the company's various websites. Jess now owns and operates approximately 10 websites, and provides consulting services for several more.

Licenses & Registrations

Jess Stryker, Landscape Architect, California #2743
(Landscape architects in California are required to be licensed by the state, and must disclose their license numbers whenever they use the title landscape architect.)


Landscape Designer Referrals:

If you are looking for the services of a landscape designer in the Southern California area I recommend the following two, both located in Ventura. I know both of them very well and have worked with them on various projects.

Ron Milligan, phone (805) 642-0432

William Morgan, phone (805) 654-1022


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