Everglades National Park

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Hardwood Hammocks, Everglades National Park, Florida- click to see full size image
These islands of vegetation in the middle of the prairie are called hardwood hammocks. Tropical hardwood plants grow on these higher islands, where their roots won't be submerged. The hammocks are extremely dense, with many varieties of trees shrubs and vines. The hammocks are also the habitat of many of the larger mammals in the Everglades. When viewed from above the hammocks are long and narrow, shaped something like a tadpole. The flow of water carves them into the shape over many many years. See the aerial photo of the shark River Slough below. The hammocks are the brighter green areas, the darker gray areas are the slough, and the light gray areas are prairie. Tip: zoom in and pan around to see that there are thousands of these hammocks!

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