Everglades National Park

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Welcome to Everglades National Park, Florida USA- click to see full size image
Overview: Well, here we are having lunch at Long Pine Key, in Everglades National Park, in April of 2008. I'm Jess Stryker and my wife is Julie Stryker. I'll assume you're not really interested in photos of us, so we'll move on to photos of the Everglades! Our tour will run through the park, starting on the Tamiami Trail (Highway 41) along the north edge of the park. Then we'll move down to highway 9336 which runs more or less south-west through the lower half of the park down to Florida Bay. For a quick one-day visit highway 9336 (Main Park Road) is the best route to take, as you will see a little of everything. If you want to see cypress swamps up close it is best to take highway 41 to Big Cypress Bend. It is a bit out of the way, but you can get up close to some beautiful mature cypress. We found the late morning and early afternoons the best time to get out and walk around. Be sure to coat yourself with lots (completely coat any exposed skin) of insect repellant before taking any afternoon walks after 3 PM or you will be eaten alive! Our visit was on April 18, 2008 along Highway 41, and April 19, 2008 on Highway 9336.


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