Everglades National Park

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Rock Reef Pass, Everglades National Park, Florida- click to see full size image
My first thought was that this was some type of Florida joke. Rock Reef Pass, elevation 3 feet? But take a look at the plants in the background behind the sign and you will notice a few pine trees. As previously discussed the pine trees grow at the highest elevations of the park. Rock reef is a narrow, raised reef that extends for several miles through the park. You can easily the reef it on aerial photos of the park, as the vegetation makes it really stand out from the surrounding grass prairie (see the aerial photo below.)

Rock Reef is the green line of vegetation in the bottom left portion of the Google Maps satellite photo below. The photo above was taken where it crosses the road. For a better view you can zoom in or pan the photo. (Some computers are not able to display the aerial photo-- sorry.)

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