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Lava Canyon Swinging Bridge at Mt St Helens

© Copyright 2001, Jess Stryker.  CC-BY-4.0 License.
Lava Canyon Swinging Bridge at Mt St Helens.  Swinging bridge over the Muddy River and waterfall on the Lava Canyon Loop Trail.  Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington, USA.

At the far end of the Lava Canyon Loop Trail is a swinging bridge. You can see it crossing the canyon in this photo.

The Lava Canyon Trail is in 3 sections, the upper loop is paved and accessible,  the middle loop is wide and graded and features a swinging bridge that some people will not want to cross (still worth hiking to.)  This is the lower section below the swinging bridge, which is suitable only for advanced hikers.  The lower section is very narrow, no railings, with long drops into the river torrent below. This photo was taken about 1/8 mile downstream of the swinging bridge on the lower trail section.