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Mammoth Cave National Park 2, Kentucky

Photos taken during our visit on April 21-22, 2006.

Mammoth Cave National Park Above Ground

While the cave is the main attraction for Mammoth Cave National Park, the scenery on ground level throughout the park is also very lovely.  For photos taken inside the caves see my Stock Photos of Mammoth Caves.

This is the outlet of the River Styx into the Green River.
The River Styx flows through Mammoth Cave.

Board walk on the trail to the River Styx Spring.
That's Julie with the umbrella hiking in the rain!

This old water level marker in the river bed was installed a bit too close to the tree and the tree grew around it!

The Little Hope Cemetery located on Cave City Road.

I hope the cemetery name is not a commentary on the eternal fate of those buried here.  Then again, it was one of the only cemeteries we saw in this area that wasn't next to a church!

The Heritage Trail

The Heritage Trail starts near the Mammoth Cave Hotel and loops around the old guide's cemetery.

There's a woodpecker with a red head at the base of the tree. He is a bit hard to see, look for the red spot on his head at the base of the tree.  He wasn't cooperating with me taking his picture.

Looking up through the tree canopy.

Pretty location overlooking the Green River Valley.

The Dogwoods were in bloom! The white flowers in the sun contrast with the green forest.

Dogwood blossoms.

The Green River

Turnhole bend on the Green River. Green is a good name for this river!

During our visit river tours were available on the Green River.

Free boat ride!  The Green River Ferry.

Mammoth Cave Baptist Church

The historic Mammoth Cave Baptist Church was founded in 1827.

Julie inside the church. They were in the process of restoring the building.

Gravestone of William Floyd Collins.

BORN JULY 20, 1887.
BURIED APRIL 23, 1925.
JAN. 30, 1925
JAN. 18, 1917

(William) Floyd Collins was exploring Sand Cave in 1925, when a rock lodged on his leg and he became trapped. A frantic rescue effort followed, which became a major media event. Newspaper and radio updates followed the progress, and a reporter actually crawled into the cave and interviewed him while he was trapped! Thousands of people came to the rescue site. So many showed up that vendors set up concessions and souvenir stands and a carnival-like atmosphere ensued. The rescue effort failed when the cave ceiling collapsed between him and the rescuers. They could no longer provide him with food and warmth, they frantically get digging, but Floyd died a few days later of starvation and exposure. His body was later removed and displayed for tourists in Crystal Cave, which he had discovered. When the Park Service purchased Crystal Cave, his family requested his body be moved, so it is now buried in the cemetery at the Mammoth Cave Baptist Church. For more on the tragic story of (William) Floyd Collins, and the nationwide media circus that surrounded his attempted rescue, Click here.

Sloan's Crossing Pond

A nature trail winds around the Sloan's Crossing Pond. We saw lots of critters around the pond!

Sloan's Crossing Pond


A well-fed snake!


Other sights

A sinkhole on the Turnhole Bend Trail. Sinkholes result when the ceilings of shallow caves collapse.

A vine creates an interesting pattern on a tree.

Engine and car from the Mammoth Cave Railroad. At one time the railroad transported tourists and supplies to the cave.

Pretty wildflowers.

There are photos taken inside the cave at Stock Photos of Mammoth Caves.