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Rocky Mountain National Park, page 3

This is a collection of photos taken at Rocky Mountain National Park, July 11-13, 2005 during our vacation there.

The Colorado River and Kawuneeche Valley

Kawuneeche Valley, Colorado
Overlooking the Kawuneeche Valley.  Taken at Farview Curve Viewpoint.

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After crossing the Fall River Pass, the Trail Ridge Road drops down the back side of the Rocky Mountains into the Kawuneeche Valley. The headwaters of the Colorado River are here.

The Colorado River headwaters, Rocky Mountains NP
The mighty Colorado River! 

The Colorado River is the source of much of the water for the Western USA! At this location it is still a wild river (not dammed except by Beavers.)  The first of many large dams is just a few miles downstream from here.

Red Mountain Trail Bridge over Colorado River, Rocky Mountains NP.
Red Mountain Trail bridge over the Colorado.

Hiking the Colorado River Trail, Rocky Mountains NP
Julie hiking along the Colorado River Trail.

Beaver dam on the Colorado River, Rocky Mountains NP
Dam on the Colorado River built by the locals.

Tree trunk cut down by Beaver, Rocky Mountains NP
Beaver Damage I wouldn't want to be bit by the teeth that did this!

Scar on mountain from the Grand Ditch, Colorado
Grand Ditch (cut scar near top of mountain.) 

The scar in the hillside is the Grand Ditch, a irrigation canal built in the late 1800's to take water from the Colorado for use by farms downstream. It was considered an engineering marvel of the time and is still in use today. If not a marvel of engineering, it is certainly a marvel of environmental destruction!

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